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Outdoor Wood Furnace

Square Deal Country Store is proud to be the Northern Michigan Dealer for Crown Royal Outdoor wood furnaces. Crown Royal Outdoor wood furnace / boilers are the highest rated wood furnaces on the market. American Made with USA 409 Stainless Steel, they are made to last and have the best 20 year warranty.

When it comes to outdoor wood furnace / boilers, conventional furnaces are becoming a thing off the past. These furnaces produce much of there heat by burning the gas from baking the wood. By doing this, the emissions are very minimal. These furnaces use half the wood, and produce twice the heat with less work! Come by Square Deal Country Store, today!

  1. Night Light: additional visibility for night-time wood loading
  2. High Quality Titanium Enhanced or Mild Steel: the entire firebox and water jacket is manufactured using top quality titanium enhanced or mild steel to ensure years of great performance.
  3. Digital Control Panel: eye-level control panel with clear digital read-out for accurate temperature adjustment
  4. Large Capacity Water Reserve: the large capacity water reserve provides fast heat recovery; all furnaces are pressure and die tested for quality assurance
  5. Fibre Glass Insulation: high quality inflammable insulation keeps the heat inside the furnace and the cold out; proven not to shrink or crack
  6. High-Temp Insulated Door: large door simplifies loading and high-temperature insulation eliminates hot areas and door stress
  7. Firebox: designed and tested for maximum heat transfer efficiency; able to withstand high temperatures
  8. Secondary Bubble Foil Insulation: adds to the R-value and insulation efficiency
  9. Full length Ash Pan: simplifies ash cleanup and eliminates awkward, messy shoveling
  10. Water-Filled Grates: water circulates through grates to maximize heat transfer, improve efficiency, and eliminate warping.

Reasons to heat with an Outdoor Wood Furnace:

  • Heating with wood is the oldest heating method known to mankind
  • Renewable Energy Resource
  • Wood is Carbon Neutral
  • Heating with an Outdoor Wood Furnace is Affordable
  • The owner is in control of the Heating Source

To learn the benefits of a Crown Royal Outdoor Wood Furnace, Click Here

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